Saturday, December 15, 2018

Want to Learn how to Build and Scale a Dominant Real Estate Team in your Market?

Want to Learn how to Build and Scale a Dominant Real Estate Team in your Market?

Are you ready to escape the frigid temps this winter? We’re going to Miami and you should too!

Our Founder and CEO, Josh Cunningham will join CEO and Head Coach of Elite Real Estate Systems, Jeff Cohn, on Wednesday, January 16th in Miami, Florida for the First Regional Team Building Workshop!

In Josh’s keynote presentation, “How To Build A Culture That Drives Success”, he will give you insight on how to motivate and engage millennials for inside and outside sales roles and put systems in place to increase productivity.

Join us at the Team Building Workshop and walk away with tips, insight, advice, and strategies to guarantee growth in your business! You will enjoy Q&A all day, masterminding, and spending your time finding answers to your most challenging questions. Limited space available, so sign up today!

Reserve your spot here and use DISCOUNT CODE: "Josh" to SAVE $100 on your ticket!

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

How To Build A Culture That Drives Success

How To Build A Culture That Drives Success

Our Founder and CEO, Josh Cunningham, had the privilege to be a keynote speaker at Lars Hedenborg’s Real Estate B-School Intensive Workshop in Charleston, South Carolina. In his presentation, Josh gives the audience tools on how to develop human capital and establish an ideal work environment for you and your team.  
Click the video, to watch Josh’s 45 minute keynote presentation and find out how to build that one-of-a-kind culture by following these timestamps:
[8:42] What is the story of rokrbox? The behind the scenes look on how we got started.
[11:50] The FIVE most essential steps within your talent engine.
[15:15] What were our hiring challenges? What did we do to solve those problems?
[21:00] How we failed at training our employees. What did we do to change our training process?
[25:05] Challenges we faced to retain talent and how we implemented new ways to reduce turnover.
[30:53] How to empower the leaders of your company to create personal freedom for yourself.
[36:00] How to attract like minded individuals to your organization.
[38:08] Discovering your WHY!
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Friday, September 21, 2018

How To Build Strong Company Culture & Turn Work Into A Meaningful Career Path

How To Build Strong Company Culture & Turn Work Into A Fruitful, Meaningful Career Path

Our Founder and CEO, Josh Cunningham, was recently interviewed on the Local Domination Podcast with Doren Aldana. In this podcast, Josh covers topics on company culture and how to turn tiring, monotonous work into an exciting, fruitful career.
“It’s important to find meaning in the work that we do, and having a clear purpose positively affects our team, our business, and ourselves.” Doren Aldana
How does meaningful work contribute to outstanding company culture? How does your purpose positively affect the productivity and turnover rate in your business? In this podcast, you will learn how meaning and purpose gives clarity to your team and the work that they do.  
“Everybody loves a pat on their back no matter how old, young, or successful they are.” -Josh Cunningham
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