Thursday, August 16, 2018

How To Hire And Train An Effective Team For Your Business

How To Hire And Train An Effective Team For Your Business

Our Founder and CEO, Josh Cunningham recently joined Jeff Cohn and Matt Johnson on the Team Building Podcast to uncover the best strategies for hiring and training an effective team for your business. In this video, you will learn how to create an dominate team for your market, how to put systems in place to increase productivity and how to motivate and engage millennials for inside and outside sales roles. Why is it important to establish proper hiring and training strategies? You need to establish a system to increase morale among employees and create a cohesive team for your business! “Establish a foundational system for someone to be challenged; for them to know that their performance can be measured and that they are going to learn what they are good at and the things that they can improve on. Structure is something millennials look for.” - Josh Cunningham Looking for growth and success within your company? Schedule your free consultation at!

Friday, August 3, 2018

Take a Look Inside our Monthly Senior Skill-Building Workshop!

Take A Look Inside One Of Our Monthly Senior Skill-Building Workshops!

Every month rokrbox hosts a Skill-Building Workshop for our Client Care Seniors and Leadership Team! After we fill up on food from our local bar & grill, we begin our 3-hour workshop where we deep dive into skill development. About a year and a half ago we started these workshops as a way to not only strengthen the culture at rokrbox but to invest in our talented employees. In this video, you will see groups of three role-playing as a homebuyer, a Client Care Representative and a Client Care Senior. (This is where skill-building comes into play). The objective is to improve the coaching abilities of everyone participating in order for them to learn how to be effective and efficient leaders today and in their professional careers! At rokrbox, we take pride in developing talent and promoting from within our company. It's a big reason why our callers love their job!

Friday, July 20, 2018

KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Learn How To Avoid The Most Costly Mistakes With Internet Leads

Our Founder and CEO, Josh Cunningham, had the privilege to be a keynote speaker at The Team Building Summit this May in Omaha, Nebraska. This was the first and only summit across all brokerage brands that was specific to giving real estate team building tips, advice, insight, action plans and more. Attendees walked away with a plan to build their real estate teams so that productive agents are attracted to them. In his presentation, Josh breaks down all the steps of the customer lifecycle, and shares, in depth, his own approach on how to hire and train the best talent. “After handling over 100,000,000 internet leads and after working with all the top teams, we know exactly how they are converting leads at the highest level.” Do you know the winning formula to converting online leads? Want to leverage your time and energy by hiring rokrbox to handle your online registrations? Head over to for a free consultation.