Monday, May 2, 2016

rokrboxTV: Learn How Lesley Thomas Earned $64K GCI in Less Than 60 Days with rokrbox

Learn How Lesley Thomas Earned $64K GCI 
in Less Than 60 Days with rokrbox

Join Lesley Thomas, CEO of The Professionals Real Estate Group in Oklahoma City, along with Sam Monreal and Josh Cunningham in this session of rokrbox tv to see how the rokrbox solution has helped Lesley get 11 buyer contracts signed, 3 homes listed, and a total of 64k GCI within the first 60 days.

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How It Works

rokrbox Inbound Lead Response Strategy

Our clients make a huge investment to provide motivated and qualified leads for their agents to work with.  I made this quick video as a training tool so your team can understand what the customer life cycle looks like pertaining to internet leads.  Enjoy! 

Our Story

Why I Started rokrbox with Josh Cunningham