Saturday, March 31, 2018

How Is Ramsey-Rhoads Real Estate Group Now Closing More Deals Than Ever Before?

Tune In To See The Key Strategies Darius Ramsey and James Rhoads Implemented To CRUSH It In 2018!

Ramsey-Rhoads Real Estate Group has been a client of rokrbox for over a year, and their business is better than ever. However, the success Darius and James are now seeing did not come without its challenges in 2017. In this episode of rokrbox TV, we found out the secrets that helped them overcome the trials of 2017 to get them in their stellar position today.
As James said, there are "no magic pills" in this industry; success comes with hard work, patience, and determination. By executing core conversion strategies day in and day out, Darius and James have created a scale-able business model they can use to continue growing their team and expanding their success in Central Pennsylvania! 
We are proud of the success Ramsey-Rhoads Real Estate Group has seen as a rokrbox client and look forward to many more successful years to come! 
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