Saturday, March 3, 2018

What Does An Effective Team Huddle Look Like?

Join Us To See How To Start The Day Off Right, With Our Founder & CEO, Josh Cunningham!

Find yourself wondering how to get your team excited to hit the phones and win the day? Today we're giving you an inside look at one of our huddles to see how we get our shifts started off on the right foot with energy levels running high! Our founder and CEO, Josh Cunningham, walks you through the important aspects of a huddle and how you can incorporate it into your daily routine!
We all know the importance of attacking the day with the right mindset and motivation, and what better way to accomplish this than with a team huddle? In this video, you'll join in on one of our daily huddles to see how we recognize achievement, grow our skill-set, and goal-set to make sure we are always striving for top notch performance in the work we do on behalf of our clients!
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