Saturday, March 17, 2018

What’s The Most Important Factor In Deciding When To Purchase For Home-Buyers?

Tune In For Expert Insight Into Online Lead Conversion as Our Very Own Josh Cunningham Takes the Stage!

“If you want to win in the online lead game, and if you want to win in today's instant gratification society, you MUST become an instant gratification provider.” - Josh Cunningham, Founder and CEO of rokrbox
rokrbox client Lars Hedenborg recently invited us to his Real Estate B-School Intensive Workshop in sunny San Diego, California. While there, Josh spoke from stage and shared critical statistics and trends concerning online lead conversion strategies. 
We appreciated the opportunity to connect and grow with our current and future clients; thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth and mixer to learn more about how rokrbox helps agents convert more online leads! 
“The return on our time and money has gone up at least 5 times since implementing rokrbox in our business. No more searching for the needle in the haystack…rokrbox does that for us!” - Lars Hedenborg, High Performance Real Estate Advisors
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