Friday, March 29, 2019

A Success Story: The Before & After of Leveraging rokrbox

A Success Story: The Before & After of Leveraging rokrbox

Last month our Founder & CEO, Josh Cunningham, joined our two-year client, Justin Miller from Redondo Beach, CA, on an episode of rokrbox TV to talk about his recent success! 

When Justin joined rokrbox, our Client Care Department did a “reboot” on his account; calling many of his old, neglected leads. As a result of that launch project alone, his team generated $3.6 million in production! 

“These were leads that were archived, we sent them to you guys and you brought them back to life.” - Justin Miller

Watch the 23-minute rokrbox TV episode or “skip the line” with the timestamps below!

[5:15] The Smart Move: Justin shares some of the struggles he faced when chasing down leads.-“Now we let you guys shake all those out so it's much more efficient.”
[7:30] The Launch Project: The immediate results after rokrbox scrubbed through his old leads; generating $3.6 million in production. 
[9:20] The Speed Discovery: How the speed to lead and consistency of rokrbox has helped create an exceptional customer service experience for his clients. 
[12:25] Team of Experts: We are the assistant on your team; treating it as if rokrbox is in your office. How Justin saw an instant connection between agent and client after rokrbox’s initial contact. 
[19:25] Leveraging Technology: Operating with the best tools in the business. How Justin leverages Sisu, Boomtown, and rokrbox to be a strong contender in today's real estate industry. 

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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Time To First Call Challenge!


Today rokrbox challenges YOU to take the Time to First Call Challenge!!

How long does it take your team to call leads once they register on your website?

In this video, our Founder & CEO, Josh Cunningham, will walk you through the steps to find your 'time to first call' and “inspect what you expect.” Inspect what your people need in order to create the results that you expect from them; a key principle of success.

The most effective strategy in converting online leads is to call them as soon as they register on your website; waiting just 10 minutes, instead of 5 to call decreases your contact chance by 400%! The facts are clear - if you are spending money to generate online leads, you must be calling them ASAP to maximize your ROI.

If your 'time to first call' is greater than 5 minutes, schedule a consultation with us & receive a free account diagnosis from one of our experts!