Friday, March 29, 2019

A Success Story: The Before & After of Leveraging rokrbox

A Success Story: The Before & After of Leveraging rokrbox

Last month our Founder & CEO, Josh Cunningham, joined our two-year client, Justin Miller from Redondo Beach, CA, on an episode of rokrbox TV to talk about his recent success! 

When Justin joined rokrbox, our Client Care Department did a “reboot” on his account; calling many of his old, neglected leads. As a result of that launch project alone, his team generated $3.6 million in production! 

“These were leads that were archived, we sent them to you guys and you brought them back to life.” - Justin Miller

Watch the 23-minute rokrbox TV episode or “skip the line” with the timestamps below!

[5:15] The Smart Move: Justin shares some of the struggles he faced when chasing down leads.-“Now we let you guys shake all those out so it's much more efficient.”
[7:30] The Launch Project: The immediate results after rokrbox scrubbed through his old leads; generating $3.6 million in production. 
[9:20] The Speed Discovery: How the speed to lead and consistency of rokrbox has helped create an exceptional customer service experience for his clients. 
[12:25] Team of Experts: We are the assistant on your team; treating it as if rokrbox is in your office. How Justin saw an instant connection between agent and client after rokrbox’s initial contact. 
[19:25] Leveraging Technology: Operating with the best tools in the business. How Justin leverages Sisu, Boomtown, and rokrbox to be a strong contender in today's real estate industry. 

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