Friday, April 19, 2019

What are the Numbers Behind Online Lead Conversion?

What are the Numbers Behind Online Lead Conversion?

How can you convert a cold lead and turn them into a happy and satisfied customer?
In this 5-minute video, our Founder and CEO, Josh Cunningham, breaks down the steps of the customer life
cycle, and shares, in depth, how an online registration goes from a lead to a closed deal.

Picture this…

1,000 visitors land on your page looking for homes and 100 of them register. As soon as they register, rokrbox
scrubs through them; picking out the serious buyers and sellers. That 100 registrations then become 10 hot
opportunities! We hand those 10 hot leads to you; turning them into 1 to 3 closed deals. Taking a cold lead and
turning them into a happy & satisfied customer!

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