Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Do You Know What the Most Effective Tool is for Converting Online Leads?

How a Single Phone Call Can Impact Your Potential Clients! 

Did you know? From working over 2,000,000 online leads, we've determined the most effective tool for
converting online leads is a good old fashion phone call!
In this quick video, our Founder & CEO, Josh Cunningham, breaks down the conversion of each
medium when communicating with potential clients. He also shares the impact that you can make with a
single phone call compared to a text message or email. 

“The punchline still requires work.” - Josh Cunningham

Of all the hot opportunities we’ve identified on behalf of our clients, 74% is by a phone call, 25% by a text
message and only 1% by an email. That's why at rokrbox, we call every new registration up to 10 times
after the initial registration.
How many call attempts are you making with your online leads?

Spend more of your time & energy on things that make you money! Hire our experienced callers at rokrbox
to call & qualify your leads for you, so you only talk to serious buyers and sellers. Visit to
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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

What's the Secret Sauce to Our Clients' Success?

Converting Online Leads Without Automation
What's the secret sauce to our clients' success? We have real, live human beings to call & qualify your
online leads! 

On the Real Estate Marketing Dude podcast with Mike Cuevas, our Founder & CEO, Josh Cunningham shares
his expert insight on “How to Convert Online Leads WITHOUT Automation.” 

There’s just something about having a conversation with a real person. The human connection establishes trust
and value in a way that a recorded message or automated text simply cannot. So, if you’re feeling pressure to
use technology to communicate with online leads—but you’d rather kick it old school, know that there IS a
reliable way to qualify and convert online leads WITHOUT automation. 

Tune into the podcast for these MAJOR takeaways:
  • How rokrbox uses live humans to qualify online leads
  • The number of closed deals that result from 1,000 visits
  • rokrbox’s rigorous call, text, and email scrubbing process
  • Why a conversation with a prospect has to be about THEM
  • How Josh’s team establishes themselves as trustworthy
  • The amount of failure + rejection ISAs must overcome
  • rokrbox’s impressive speed-to-lead of 0 to 2 minutes
  • How often rokrbox calls, texts and emails an online lead
  • Why it’s crucial to come from a position of contribution
  • The best ways to provide value to home buyers + sellers
Want to leverage our team of experienced and enthusiastic callers to maximize the return from your online leads? Visit to schedule your free consultation today!

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

6 Years of rokrbox Success with Our Original Client, Spring Bengtzen!

6 Years of rokrbox Success with Our Original Client, Spring Bengtzen!
Happy Birthday to us! Six years ago, our Founder & CEO, Josh Cunningham, started rokrbox with the help of our original client, Spring Bengtzen of Ogden, Utah

In this special episode of rokrbox tv, Spring shares her journey to massive success and the challenges she faced along the way. You will learn how rokrbox became a game changer for her after she experienced 38% growth in the first year working with us! Today, six years later, Spring has more than tripled her business.

“Hands down the conversion ratio is so much higher with using rokrbox.”- Spring Bengtzen

Watch the 45-minute rokrbox TV  episode or “skip the line” with the timestamps below!

[2:40] The story of rokrbox: How a part-time project turned it a full-fledged business
[10:40] Does rokrbox work? - Spring shares her ROI with internet leads (Hint: It’s above 400%!) 
[16:40] The reason why people fail with internet leads: The challenges Spring faced before rokrbox
[18:30] Evaluating performance: Spring shows us how tools like Sisu, help her agents be successful
[28:30] Holding your agents accountable: Why Spring’s agents have a better appreciation for the work they do
[36:20] Creating a productive team: Spring’s winning system on how she grew and scaled her business 

If you're looking for a similar success story, visit for a free, no-obligation consultation!