Wednesday, July 10, 2019

What's the Secret Sauce to Our Clients' Success?

Converting Online Leads Without Automation
What's the secret sauce to our clients' success? We have real, live human beings to call & qualify your
online leads! 

On the Real Estate Marketing Dude podcast with Mike Cuevas, our Founder & CEO, Josh Cunningham shares
his expert insight on “How to Convert Online Leads WITHOUT Automation.” 

There’s just something about having a conversation with a real person. The human connection establishes trust
and value in a way that a recorded message or automated text simply cannot. So, if you’re feeling pressure to
use technology to communicate with online leads—but you’d rather kick it old school, know that there IS a
reliable way to qualify and convert online leads WITHOUT automation. 

Tune into the podcast for these MAJOR takeaways:
  • How rokrbox uses live humans to qualify online leads
  • The number of closed deals that result from 1,000 visits
  • rokrbox’s rigorous call, text, and email scrubbing process
  • Why a conversation with a prospect has to be about THEM
  • How Josh’s team establishes themselves as trustworthy
  • The amount of failure + rejection ISAs must overcome
  • rokrbox’s impressive speed-to-lead of 0 to 2 minutes
  • How often rokrbox calls, texts and emails an online lead
  • Why it’s crucial to come from a position of contribution
  • The best ways to provide value to home buyers + sellers
Want to leverage our team of experienced and enthusiastic callers to maximize the return from your online leads? Visit to schedule your free consultation today!