Friday, August 2, 2019

What Frank Klestiz, CEO of Vyral Marketing, has to say about rokrbox!

What Frank Klestiz, CEO of Vyral Marketing, has to say about rokrbox!
What an honor it is to hear your business mentor say, “Josh is one of the smartest and most savvy individuals
to run a call center of Millennials to call your internet leads.” 

Josh met Frank back in 2011 and had the pleasure of working right beside him when Frank first started Vyral
Marketing. Josh and Frank had the opportunity to travel the country; seeking out every mastermind, workshop,
and conference they could find. At these events, Josh noticed a very similar theme within the real estate industry.
He learned that many team owners had trouble motivating their agents to follow up with the leads they generated
online. Why would they be motivated? Even the highest producing teams convert only 3 out of every 100 online

As he continued to learn from the greatest in the industry, he knew he could find a solution to this trending
problem. Josh strapped on a headset and began making phone calls; learning and understanding what worked
and what didn’t. After much trial and error, Josh perfected the rokrbox lead conversion process which has helped
agents convert more leads than they ever thought was possible! 

Our expert callers bring you speed-to-lead under 5 minutes and consistent follow-up while maintaining the
highest quality of customer service. rokrbox is the Premium Real Estate ISA Solution that will save you an
ENORMOUS amount of time, energy, effort, and wasted money!

Frank is a brilliant guy and he knows what he's talking about! You should take his advice and leverage our team
of experienced callers to maximize the return from your online leads. Head over to to schedule your
consultation and learn how we can help you become a top producer!