Friday, August 16, 2019

What Your Business Will Look Like When You Leverage rokrbox!

What Your Business Will Look Like When You Leverage rokrbox!
Ever wonder how rokrbox works? Have all your questions answered on The Real Estate Blitz podcast with Kris Narwhal McCullough and our Founder & CEO, Josh Cunningham! Learn everything you need to know about how the rokrbox process can free up your time, make you more money and help you achieve more freedom in your business!

Watch the 50-minute podcast or follow the timestamps below to get an inside look into how rokrbox works!
[12:20] What’s the process? What rokrbox provides to your business!
[17:00] How do your leads get worked inside your CRM? 
[21:30] Our quality of calls compared to the other guys! “We are the pioneers of our business.”
[25:15] What’s the cost? “It’s about how much money we're going to put in your pocket.”
[30:20] Metrics & Conversion
[35:30] Setting up your account & introducing you to our team!
[36:30] Call Nights: Bringing New Life to Your Old Leads
[37:20] “Warm transfer? How does it work for your team?”
[42:30] Step #1: How you get started with rokrbox!
Interested in leveraging our expertise as the premium ISA solution to call & qualify your online leads? Visit to schedule your free consultation!

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