Sunday, September 1, 2019

“WARM TRANSFER is not really good. It’s GENIUS!”

“WARM TRANSFER is not really good. It’s GENIUS!”

Have you heard about our WARM TRANSFER?

Our newest rokrbox feature can help you connect with prospects instantly - cutting follow-up time by 90% and
multiplying your commissions exponentially! The process is simple. Once a hot and ready buyer registers on
your website and answers our phone call, they are effortlessly handed to you so that you only have to focus on
the most important part - closing the deal!

“It was almost as easy as them knowing me!” - Nadine Beaucage

Take it from our client, Nadine Beaucage of the Dolce Real Estate Group as she has already seen HUGE
success with our WARM TRANSFER feature! Nadine joined our Founder & CEO, Josh Cunningham, on an
episode of rokrbox TV to share how she experienced four WARM TRANSFER calls in just two days; booking
appointments with all four! 

“There you are on Saturday morning. It's 10 am, in your pajamas, and your phone’s ringing and making money.
It doesn't get better than that!”

Learn more about our WARM TRANSFER feature and how rokrbox can save you an ENORMOUS amount of
time, energy, effort, and wasted money. Visit to schedule your consultation with one of our experts