Thursday, December 19, 2019

Jeff Cohn, Owner of KW Elite, Visits The rokrbox World Headquarters!

Jeff Cohn, Owner of KW Elite, Visits The rokrbox World Headquarters!

“If you can get Josh in front of you, you will learn so much and have so much to gain.”

Jeff Cohn is the owner of Elite Real Estate Systems and KW Elite, the No.1 residential real
estate team in Nebraska four years in a row! The 35-person organization went from 70 to over
700 unit sales in just six years and has collectively sold nearly 5,000 homes for a staggering
$1 billion in sales volume.

Jeff flew out to College Station, TX to visit the rokrbox headquarters and spend the day master-
minding with our very own Founder & CEO, Josh Cunningham! See what he has to say about
our business, our talented callers and the systems we have in place to provide exceptional
service on behalf of our clients.

As the owner of Elite Real Estate Systems and coach for many top producing agents,
Jeff knows the importance of instantly responding to online registrations in order to close deals
and put more money in your pocket! Leverage our team of experienced callers to maximize the
return from your online leads. Head over to to learn how we can help you become
a top producer!

Our LIVE TRANSFER Feature Is Your "Short-Cut" To Success!

Our LIVE TRANSFER Feature Is Your "Short-Cut" To
"This system that rokrbox has helped us create is going to enable me to help other people too."

Since leveraging rokrbox, Catherine Pfeiffer and Pfeiffer and Stone Realty Group have
produced record results each month, for the past 5 months! Catherine joined our Founder &
CEO, Josh Cunningham, on this 15-minute episode of rokrbox TV to share how our LIVE
TRANSFER feature has contributed to much of her fast growth and success!

“I am getting ready to head out to a closing, and it’s a rokrbox lead!”

The LIVE TRANSFER feature at rokrbox can help you connect with prospects instantly -
cutting follow-up time by 90% and multiplying your commissions exponentially! The process is
simple. Once a motivated buyer registers on your website and answers our phone call, they
are effortlessly handed to you so that you only have to focus on the most important part -
closing the deal!

Learn more about our LIVE TRANSFER and how rokrbox can save you an ENORMOUS
amount of time, energy,effort, and wasted money by visiting!

Monday, December 9, 2019

Build A Winning Culture In Your Business!

How To Build a Winning Culture That Drives Success!

Our Founder and CEO, Josh Cunningham, had the privilege to be a keynote speaker at the
2019 Team Building Summit this past July! In his presentation, “Conversion Secrets & How
To Build A Culture That Drives Success,” Josh gives the audience tools on how to create a
dominant team for your market, how to put systems in place to increase productivity and how
to motivate and engage millennials for inside and outside sales roles. Josh also shares,
in-depth, his methods on how to motivate and engage millennials to establish a strong
cohesive team for your business.  

Click the video, to watch Josh’s full 45-minute keynote presentation and find out how to build
that one-of-a-kind culture by following these timestamps:

[4:45] What is the story of rokrbox? The behind the scenes look at how we got started.
[12:10] 6 YEARS in the making. Our original client, Spring Bengtzen, achieves a 421% ROI
with rokrbox. 
[14:15] Millennial Workforce Invasion: How to attract, hire, train, and retain millennials in your
[18:05] Culture Tool #1: Hiring challenges  >>> OBSERVATION
[24:00] Culture Tool #2: Training challenges  >>> HUDDLE
[29:55] Culture Tool #3: Retaining challenges  >>> MASTERMINDS
[35:15] How do you attract talent to your organization? CULTURE
[35:45] Discovering your WHY!

Thanks for tuning in! Want to leverage your time and energy by hiring rokrbox to handle your online registrations? Head over to for a free consultation.